Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Once Upon a Spring....

Hi Friends!!!! Happy Spring!!!
There is finally light at the end of this never ending winter tunnel!!! And I, for one, am thankful!!! I am ready for Spring Blooms, warm days, bird nest building, front porch sweeping, and right on into Summer!!! Yay!
Ask me again in a couple months, when I am looking for someone to fix my air conditioner!! :)
Well, I have been back in the my attic craft room, and finally recorded an instructional video for a very cute Spring Bunny Card... I hope to make more and more of these videos in the coming weeks. And also, to start listing some more of my hand made goods on my website! And I would love to get back into more craft and scrapbook products on my website, as more people show interest in them.
What else have I been up to lately? Well since my father was very ill in January, our family has spent the last few weeks trying to get together and enjoy some grateful family time!! So a lot of cooking, baking, and card making!!
Okay, I am keeping this short so I can get back into my craft room... so here is a link to the youtube video for the Bunny Card Instructional Video... Hope you enjoy!

Spring Bunny Card Video

Amy Lynn

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Why is it that I always begin to think about my blog when Spring is approaching? I'm not sure that I know the answer to that, but I do! Well, here comes Spring... and I am at it again. This year I am making more paper baskets, and paper Easter Egg Pics, and Easter cards. Although, the motivation has been hard to locate, it has been such a L O N G - C O L D winter!! and I have lost 3 of my stores that I normally sell in locally to the slow economy since Christmas. I am down to 2 and have struggled with the idea of just letting my business die out--- or to try to reach out to a couple of other markets outside of Wytheville. I haven't really decided yet, so for the time being... I will continue to create!