Friday, April 13, 2012

Chances Surprise "Muppet" Birthday Party!

Well, as always, I am a little behind posting to my blog. But I wanted to post these pictures and info about the surprise birthday party that our family threw for my younger sister, Chance, back in March. She turned 36 on March 22nd, so it wasn't any big number or anything, but I figured what the heck! Let's Celebrate!! She was born in 1976 and has always been a Muppet Lover! So I decided that the theme for her party would be a Muppet theme. Thinking along the lines that a Muppet Movie was released last fall, and would soon be released on DVD that finding party supplies would be easy~ WRONG!!! It was nearly impossible to find any Muppet themed stuff, as a matter of fact, the only things that I could find were some Mylar balloons, which I got from Ebay and some Kermit & Miss Piggy rings that I got from Ebay as well, as cupcake toppers. So the rest was up to me to scrounge around and find, which I did with the help of several very creative blogs that I found online and on Pinterest.
Okay, so I primarily wanted Kermit and Miss Piggy because those are her favorites, but Scooter, Gonzo, Rizzo the Rat, Animal, and Fozzy are all equally important!! So, they were all included!! But because of the Kermit & Miss Piggy thing, I decided to stick with two main colors: Kermit Green and Miss Piggy Lilac!
I tried to be creative with our food items, and like I said I got some of the ideas from other very creative blogs, so I cant take credit for them all!
Here's the menu:
Miss Piggy Pork BBQ on Bun!
Frog Legs
(Chicken Tenders)
Singing Fruit!
Sweedish Meatballs
Scooter Cheese Dip & Crackers
Rizzo Rat Snacks (popcorn, jelly beans, & candy peas and carrots, and mixed nuts)
Kermits Swamp Water Punch
Curmudgeon Crunchies (Vegetables & Dip)

Singing Fruit
Miss Piggy & Kermi Cupcakes
Scooter Cheese Ball & Crackers

I think what made this all come together was the cute little markers that I made, again this was an idea that I saw on someone else's blog. But it really pulled it all together and the kids loved them! Anyway, I think that Chance had fun, and I know all of the rest of us did, and the food was yummy!!! Happy Birthday Chance!