Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Basket Case!

Well, its March and I haven't done very well keeping up with my blog. I guess I'm not a very good blogger! But I do see so many creative people share their ideas, projects, and just good plain stuff through their blogs, and I really want to do that as well. So... if any of you are good bloggers, please share with me how you go about doing it. What makes you successful at it? What keeps you motivated to update your blog on a regular basis?

Okay, well I figured as long as I was trying this, that I would try to upload some pictures of these cute paper baskets that I have been making to sell over at Hannah's Attic, the local consignment shop! So here goes...

 Great for Easter gift giving.

Or Spring Birthdays!

  This one is a really sweet one with Pink Roses and Pink Gingham print inside!

These cute little square ones will be a
great "pick me up" for a friend or co-worker, and at $3.00~ a very affordable gift!

Happy Spring Everyone!